Friday, January 06, 2012

National Union of Railwaymen banners

Bottom picture West Ham NUR Strike Committee 1919

100-year-old NUR railway banner goes on show after restoration

A 100-year-old railway banner restored after being found in a state of disrepair has gone on display at Immingham Museum.
The painted silk banner belonging to the New Holland branch of the National Union of Railways (NUR now RMT) was discovered in storage in Doncaster several years ago.
It was restored by a conservator in Leeds with a £5,000 grant acquired by the museum, and it now hangs proudly alongside the other exhibits. Adrian Coggin, treasurer of the museum, said: "It was found in a derelict state and we felt it was too good to let go. It's a big part of this area's railway heritage."

The banner depicts the steam locomotive Sir Sam Fay, named after the Great Central Railway's general manager.

Roger Whyman, chairman of the museum's management committee, said: "The New Holland branch was formed before the NUR was created in 1913 by the amalgamation of three railway unions.
"The records we have been able to find suggest that this banner pre-dates the amalgamation.

"We believe this is the original banner, which was then modified after the amalgamation."