Sunday, February 06, 2011

Edith How-Martyn - Suffagette and Middlesex County Councillor

Edith How-Martyn (1875-1954)
was educated at the North London Collegiate School and University College, Aberystwyth.

She gave up her lectureship in mathematics at Westfield College, London to commit herself to the suffragette movement.

In 1906 she became one of the first Women's Social and P
olitical Union members to serve time in Holloway Gaol; after being arrested outside the House of Commons in October 1906 she was charged with obstruction and sentenced to two months in prison. How-Martyn was released after a month on a King's Pardon.

How-Martyn was joint Honorary Secretary of th
e WSPU, and when the Women's Freedom League split from the increasingly autocratic WSPU in 1907 she was co-founder and Honorary Secretary of the Women's Freedom League (WFL) until January 1911.

She stood
as an independent progressive candidate in Hendon, Middlesex at the 1918 general election, securing 2,067 votes representing 10% of the poll. Labours Frank Bailey securing 16% of the poll.

In 1919 Edith How-Martyn stood for a seat on Middlesex County Council and was elected as the first women councillor on that body.

Three colours of the Women's Freedom League - Green, White and Gold

Hayes and Southall had a branch of the Women's Freedom League with Marion Cunningham as Secretary

Below is a house in Hayes with a sign which reads "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny - Votes For Women" . States by Adam & Eve Public House but Marion Cunningham lived at Hayes End.