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Hounslow 1945

"Were not coming back to the dole"

said Sargent Jim Allen of Heston as he embarked to take part in driving fascism from Europe, quoted in the introduction to the Hounslow Communist Party Plan 1945

This booklet has a contact address for the CP as 11a Devonshire House, School Road, Hounslow

Middlesex Chronicle, Saturday October 27 1945


In connection with the Heston Ward contest, a copy of correspondence between Heston & Isleworth Divisional Labour Party and Heston Communist Party has been sent to us by Mr E. Warmington, secretary of the latter body.

In a letter to the Communist Party on October 18th, Mr W Chamberlaine, Labour Party secretary and agent, stated :-

“Some time ago we received a communication from your organisation requesting that a joint discussion take place on the desirability of a united effort of the two parties in connection with the municipal elections. We replied to the effect that we wished to work to the wishes and constitution of the National Labour Party as laid down by its conference from time to time. We were of the opinion that this reply fully answered your request. It has, however, come to our notice that a statement has been made by members of your organisation to the effect that an arrangement has been arrived at between the Divisional Labour Party and the Communist Party to fight the election jointly within the Heston Ward. Your workers have suggested that it is the desire of this party that the electorate return one Communist and one Official Labour Party candidate. You are fully aware that this is not the case and we regret to have to point out this statement is a lie, and we request that this statement be rectified publicly immediately. We consider this matter a most serious breach of faith and should our request not be acceded to, we shall feel disposed to discuss the question with higher authority. We feel your statement will have anything but the effect apparently desired and, to quote your own well-worn phrase ‘in the interest of working class unity’ trust you will not delay in clarifying the matter and assuring those electors you have so basely misguided of the true state of affairs.”

Mr Warmington wrote to Mr Chamberlaine on October 23rd:-

“In reply to your communication of the 18th inst, I am only too glad to draw attention to the following points which have been strictly adhered to by our canvassers and at our public meetings at the Council House on October 4th and Berkeley School on October 17th:

We deploy the attitude of the Labour Party in refusing to meet the Communist Party with regard to an agreement during this election in order to avoid any splitting of the vote.

At the same time we decided to withdraw our candidates in the other wards to allow the Labour Party to attain their majority on the Council, which we know is absolutely essential.

We contest Heston because it is a ward less likely to damage the vote than any other, as no Labour Party councillors are retiring.

It is essential that the Communist Party have representation in local government owing to the growing section of the public which now support it, the vast number of problems, housing, etc, which must be attacked and for which we have a policy.

We ask the electorate to give one vote to the Communist Party, and the other to Labour, as we stand one candidate only and they have two votes. This has been our policy throughout the campaign and it will continue to be so. We are confident that no other statement of fact has been made by our representatives for which we have ample evidence.

The Election Result in Heston

John Patrick Blake.

“Willowcot” Avenue Gardens, Cranford .

Architect and surveyor. (Ratepayers Assn) 3,272 (ELECTED)

George William Morris.

28 Orchard Avenue, Heston.

Inspector. London Passenger Transport Board. (Labour) 3,260 (ELECTED)

Sidney Herbert Court.

28 Old Cote Drive, Heston.

Local Government Official (Ratepayers Assn) 3,175

Mrs Ada Isobel Fisher.

168 Ash Grove, Heston

Housewife (Labour) 3,135

Ernest Ezra Templar Warmington

94, Westbrook Road, Heston

Builder (Communist) 658

Blake and Morris elected

(Ward result Labour gain from Ratepayers Assn)

In Isleworth North a breakaway group from the Divisional Labour Party called the Isleworth Local Labour Party (ILLP) ran candidates against the official Labour Candidates and won.

In 1945 Labour won 10 of the 15 vacant seats in the 8 wards. The ILLP won 3.

The Conservatives 1 and the Ratepayers 1 and Labour gained control of the council.

Middlesex Chronicle - John Grigg - Labour Heritage