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Heathrow Noise - 1952

As early as 1952 Local Authorities around Heathrow Airport had recognised that the noise levels from aircraft at Heathrow Airport had become unacceptable.

The Local authorities (Airport) Committee was established in 1952 consisting of the Boroughs of Heston & Isleworth, Slough, and Urban District Council's of Egham, Feltham, Hayes & Harlington, Staines and Sudbury, Yiewsley & West Drayton

The original committee was formed to examine problems arising from the construction of the Airport or its operation which may affect local authorities.

It was stated by Feburary in 1959, The committee had not only been in regular correspondence with the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation but also meet on two occasions with the airport Commandant and stressed its desire that every possible step shall be taken to reduce the noise made by aircraft in order that as little disturbance as possible shall be made to the residents in the neighbourhood f the airport stressed the desire.

It was stated that, since inception the committee had received numerous complaints about the noise of jet planes, Boeing 707s, low flying planes, fumes and black smoke on take off

The committee had also asked the Minister to impose a reasonable maximum noise level,

It was noted that at New York had restrictions on noise already in place and it was agreed to request the Minister impose similar restrictions at London Airport.

The Committee realise that despite its efforts the noise from aircraft using the airport is still a considerable annoyance to a large number of residents in the vicinity.

The committee also feels that in view of the proposals for greater use of the airport in the future, its efforts to see that every possible step is taken to ensure that the noise is reduced to a minimum must be continued

Uxbridge Gazette 2 February 1959


John McDonnell Hayes MP hold replica mace to recall John McDonnell's wielding the mace (15th January 2009) out of frustration at the lack of democracy in the Government's decision to bypass Parliament over the Heathrow 3rd runway plan.