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1923 Women's Co-operative Guild Congress

1923 Congress of
The Women's Co-operative Guild

Held at Cory Hall, Cardiff, Wales, June 12th and 13th.

Mrs Prosser presided

Lavender Hill branch, Battersea, South London moved motion on fair trade

"The view was expressed that in the interest of developing international understanding the Co-operative Union should inform the movement of the conditions of labour of all natives employed by British Wholesales."

This was agreed

July 7th 1923 also marked the first International C0-operators Day

Women's Co-operative Guild
28 Church Row, Hamstead, London
President Mrs A.H. Allen Secretary: Miss A Honora Enfield
1,077 branches
51,291 members

Scottish Co-operative Women's Guild
President Mrs McLean
Secretary Miss Kate Callen 71 King Street, Tradeston, Glasgow
300 branches
27,891 members

Irish Co-operative Women's Guild
President: Mrs Green
Secretary Mrs Girvan, 16 Reid Street, Belfast

Co-operative Women's Guild Flowers of the Sections
These were used extensively on branch and sectional banners

Co-operative Women's Guilds


Lancashire Cornflower Hope
Mid Southern Red Rose Devotion to Duty
North East Midlands Violet Modesty
Northern Sunflower Brightness
South Eastern Marguerite Alertness
Southern White Rose Purity
South Midland Poppy Purity
South Western Honeysuckle High Endeavour
Western & Welsh Pansy Harmony
Yorkshire Clematis Perseverance

These were used on Co-operative Women's Guilds banners on in particular

Source: The People's Year Book 1924