Friday, March 13, 2009

Hold on Russia - Arms from London are Coming


Guns, tanks, planes made now in London

Room at once for 8,000 more women to work on them

Can take job today

London women would - will if necessary- man London's barricades as Moscow women man theirs.

It is not likely to come to that so long as Russia holds out.

Just because we know Russians battles are not only their own but ours also, we long to help them !

And the chance to do it is here ! here on the very door step of London where the great factories are turning out tanks and planes ! there is room in these factories NOW for 8,000 women.

How about you being one of that number this week.

Wage rates vary but in practice your pay packet is never lower than £2.5.0 and averages around £3. A few women make £5.15.0. Some factories work two shifts, some three. All factories are near bus routes. there are canteens where you can get a good meals. you have a week's paid holiday a year

See Munitions Being Made Exhibition

Wembley Town Hall, Forty Lane
99 Broadway, West Ealing
147 High Road, Wembley
154 High Street, Acton
Western House, Broadway, Ealing
1a the Broadway, Hanwell

Issued by the Ministry of Labour and National Service
advert Circa late 1941