Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guildford LPYS

Guildford Labour Party Young Socialists 1981

Davy Alfert - Chairman
Steve Chapman - Vice Chairman
Michael Walker - Secretary

Jane Hutchinson

Jane Wilson
Liz Gibbs
Malcom Corbett
Barny Russell
Dave Eley
Rebecca Matthews
Jesica Matthews
Simon Tester
Julie Souaghy
Suzanne Otto
Richard Rogers
Carol Moffatt

Guildford LPYS was one of the few branches not to have either a member of Militant or be controlled by Militant. This at a time of their total domination of LPYS, a fact we were very proud to continue.

Work included fighting cuts in universities, health care, Guildford & Godalming Save our Services (SOS), anti racist work, CND, anti SDP work, supporting the developments of Co-operatives, working in election, Supporting the LPYS march for jobs organised by Dave Nellist (Later MP) visit to see "Cant pay wont pay" play Theatre production in London and famously flying the Red flag on Guildford Castle and red ramble and picnic on the day of the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding.

George "Bill" Bellerby

Bill Bellerby now the "elder statesman" of Guildford was born in South Wales in March 1917 educated at Penarth Grammar School and the University of South Wales, He was a school teacher, During the Second World War he served in the Queens Royal (West Surrey) Regiment 1940-1946. He came to live in Guildford in 1948.

Bill became President of Guildford Labour Party and a councillor on Guildford Borough Councillor. Stood as Parliamentary candidate for Guildford in 1955 and 1959. Elected Surrey County Councillor for Guildford, and famously in the early 1980's with his wife Doreen who also represented a Guildford ward (1981 or 1985 ?) Labour holding all three seats.

When Mayor of Guildford set up a well respected holiday play scheme, Unemployed Workers Centre also heavily involved in Education and arts issues in Guildford (Bellerby Theatre circa 1980s).

Bill Bellerby is still fighting to save local services such as the shuttle bus aged 91.


The Red flag hoisted on Guildford castle was actually
a Vietnamese flag, and was the property of the LPYS but fearing retribution from the Party was hoisted in the name of the right to work campaign after a local SWP stuff the wedding party and LPYS stuff the wedding picnic by St Catheines by the river.