Sunday, September 14, 2008

General Strike - Fulwell Tram Depot, Hounslow 1926

"Lively scenes at Fulwell Tram Depot
were witnessed at the Fulwell tram depot between 7 and 8 o' clock on Thursday (May 6th 1926) evening, when a crowd of about one thousand people gathered, and some of the volunteer drivers, who were sent down by the Ministry of Transport, and who took trams out, were pelted with eggs.

A number of women were among the crowd and some of these were amongst the noisiest. On the whole, however the temper of the crowd was fairly good humoured, and no serious disturbances occurred, but it is understood, that one arrest on a minor charge was made

Surrey Comet Saturday May 8 - Strike edition one page

Tram's overturned at Southall according to Syd Bidwell (later Labour MP for Southall)