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Hayes (East Ward)

Douglas Page (Elected)

(Chair of Hayes Trades & Labour Council, Horticultural Society, Sec Workers Union)

William Sutcliffe (Elected)
(Employed at NUR head Office)

Hayes (South Ward)

L Fitzgerald (Elected)

J.C.C. Hayden (Sec of Hayes Municipal & General Workers Union branch, Ex Servicemen's Assoc)

Hayes (West Ward)

Robert William Gunton, 1 Westgate Villas, Park Road, (Civil Servant)

Horace Sydney

Board of Guardians

Mrs I. M. Fowler (Guardian for six years)
Mrs Anna Begitta Greenhead (Secretary of the Women’s Section)

It was reported that the Municipal Reform (Tories) had had a majority on the council for the last twelve months (1924-1925) In 1925 they changed their name to the Residents Association.
1925 the Labour, anti Labour councillors were equal. However in a special additional election November 1925 Labour secured a one seat majority on Hayes Urban District Council a position it held until another blip around 1929-1930

At this election in 1925
Labour secured the election of Sutcliffe, Page an
d Fitzgerald

As the election resulted in equal numbers of Labour and non Labour it was agreed that Councillor Leach and Councillor Ellis take the chair for six months each. This novel agreement was agreed


William John Smith (South Ward) Elected 13 Third Avenue, Hayes (Organ Builder)
Robert William Gunton (East Ward) Elected
Albert Edward Knight (West Ward) not Elected The Nursery, Pistils Lane (Insurance Agent)

With the election of two extra Labour Councillors Smith and Gunton, Labour once again secured a majority on the council by 8-7

East Ward Labour 530 RA 232 52% turnout
South Ward Labour 456 RA 367 66% turnout
West Ward Labour 262 RA 345 53% turnout

A. Hunt

Samuel Thorne
Mrs Read

John W. Brooks
Joseph W. M. Hart
G.A. Kingsford

Board of Guardians Mrs Sarah Ann Dubberley - Elected unopposed


G.A. Jordan, 5 Roxborough Road (topped the poll)
Sarah Rebecca Ludbrook, 23 (or 28) Sumner Road
B.W. Handley, 82 Roxeth Hill
F.W. Perkins, 4 Gayton Road

Mrs A Belshaw, 32 Claremount Road, Wealdstone (Elected)
Sidney Bleaney, 58 Graham Road
Henry George Gange,19 Peel Road

Gilbert Postlethwaite, 16 Spencer Road

Mr Horace Greenhead stated during the 1925 council elections that
"A return of all Labour candidates and a council similar to that which held office in 1921 was the expressed desire, (he considered this)..."the finest council they had ever had in Hayes"

Robert William Gunton of Park Road, Hayes stated during the same election that

"There was more solid progress when the Labour Council prevailed than had been obtained in the last twelve months"

Robert William Gunton was
"convinced that every branch of the Council's work it was necessary to illuminate private contractors as far as possible........Mr Isreal Ellis (Municipal Reform) had said he was out to smash the Labour movement but it simply could not be done........Working people ought to be proud of the work of the Council in cleaning away slums, demolishing them, so that no reactionary Council could open them again.....The decline of the death rate (in Hayes) since the Council houses had been errected"

Hayes ILP (Independent Labour Party doubled its membership during 1925, active in the ILP were Douglas Page, and Robert William Gunton (speakers includes Seymour Cocks from Chiswick ILP)

East Ward was seen as a Labour stronghold

George Albert Manley was Chair of Hayes Labour Party

The national Labour Party, Labour League of Youth was formed in 1924, Hayes Labour League of Youth was established in 1924 (or before) it established a cycling, rambling and swimming section in 1925

The Hayes Labour League of Youth first cycling outing was in May 1925 was from Hayes Cinema to Ruislip.

Other League outings included a trip in July 1925 to Virgina Water via Staines, Egham and Thorpe, where they meet the Rambling section who arrived by "Charabanc".

The swimming section of the Hayes Labour League of Youth was offered the services of Mr J. Harley a "well known" Surrey athlete, this attracted 40 to the bathhouse.

The Leagues first Concert was held at the Brotherhood Hall in January 1925 and developed a Hayes Young Pierrot Troupe of entertainers

Hayes Labour League of Youth meet with Southall Labour League of Youth and Southall Socialist Sunday School at a joint meeting in September 1925 at the White Hart rooms, and on Mr Green’s meadow West End (Northolt) Hayes Labour League of Youth pierrots gave a performance, as did Hayes young gymnastics. Mr Gardner was present. Mr Frank Hall stated “need for Labour organisation in West End and Northolt either ILP or Labour party as best suited to the district”

Hammersmith ILP Cycling Section
Uxbridge Independent Labour Party was founded by Councillor Leonard W. Spencer (killed 1st September 1915, during WW1) meeting initially in Rockingham Hall and in the 1920’s its branch secretary was Ernest A Cave.
The Uxbridge ILP protested at the arrest and prosecution of the 12 Communist Party leaders for alleged seditious conspiracy and Harrow Labour Party women’s section took a collection for the "Communist defence Fund" its secretary was Mrs Smith, Mrs Reid Chair and Mrs Lee Treasurer. The branch also condemned the failure to prosecute the attack “outrage” by four fascists on the Daily Herald

Ruislip Independent Labour Party (ILP) a Mr H. Hirst was active as was Mr Collins of Richmond ILP. Mr Ernest E Hunter, Divisional chairman ILP and National Advisory Committee representative organised a Ruislip ILP day school in September 1925
Mr J.S Collins, Chair West London Federation of the Independent Labour Party, Mr F. Seymour Cocks, Mr H Stewart Ryde, ILP Regional representative and finally Mrs Cook, Mrs Oresten, Mr Hagg and Mr Simpson of the Central London Independent Labour Party (ILP) Players performed Barrie's "The twelve pound look"
Harrow Independent labour Party was established at the turn of the last centaury circa 1900 with Ramsey MacDonald as one of its members
Hammersmith Independent Labour Party (ILP) Cycling Section also active in 1925
Henry Palmer: Hayes UDC 1911
Percy Langton: Hayes UDC 1912
Leonard Spencer: Uxbridge UDC 1910
E.R. Westcott: Uxbridge UDC 1910
Horace Lucia: Southall UDC 1905 (40 Waltham Road,Southall)
J. Perkins Southall UDC 1905 (Endesleigh Road, Southall)
G.A. Jordan: Harrow UDC 1919
A.H. Bartle: Harrow UDC 1919

Mr H. Hirst spoke at a meeting of the Ruislip & Eastcote Labour Party in March 1925 about the Russian revolution
“Russia went through a revolution and if their was a country that needed a revolution it was Russia….Lenin the lecturer said was an able man with a strong sense of humour and a ready grasp of practical politics. He practically carried out the whole of the work of an opposition in Russia. Of his successor Trotsky the lecturer was not so enthusiastic and of Zinovieff of the red letter fame he had little favourable to say “

At Wealdstone, Mrs A. Belshaw (Social Worker) 32 Claremount Road, Wealdstone, was elected as a Labour candidate, topping the poll at Wealdstone in the April 1925 Council elections. Belshaw was the first woman to be elected to Wealdstone Council (and therefore probably the first women councillor elected in Harrow)

In August 1925 Mrs Sarah Rebecca Ludbrook Chairman of the Roxeth Labour Party Women’s Section unveiled the new banner of the Roxeth Labour Party Women's group "This handsome emblem designed and embroided by the members themselves and greatly admired by visitors" at the Harrow Labour Party Fete August Bank holiday 1925. Mr G.A. Jordan was also present
Freda Laski, lectured on Birth Control to a packed meeting of Wealdstone Labour Party Women's section at the Co-Operative Hall, Wealdstone in October 1925

Labour Candidates in Middlesex elections (These need checking)
W. G. Sillitoe (West Ward Southall)
W. Garrod (or Garson) (East Ward Southall) Labour win
W.H. Knowles (Hillingdon)
W.L. Carr (Hayes/Northwood/Ickenham/Harefield/Northolt) ??
Capt Fawcett (Feltham) Labour

Municipal Reform, was primarily Tory front active in it was Mr C.E. Dobson Secretary, Dr W.D Hopkins, A. Simpson, A.H. Boot, I. Ellis, W.S. Barnes, F.F. Osgood, J.H. Gardner, E.J.Bell, W.W Westacott


Mr C.E. Dobson Honorary sectary; Dr W.D. Hopkins Treasurer; J.R. Scott President; Boot, Leach, Barnes, Gardner, Russell, Holland, Major Shuter, Mrs Haldane, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Perry. In the 1925 additional seats election they supported George Fulford, John Robert Scott and Arthur .L.F. Cook and Mrs Pickering for the guardians

"It was quite conceivable that if those who had taken an active intrest in affairs of the Parish withdrew, that before many years were over they would see a state of affairs such as had been witnessed in Poplar and West Ham statement founding meeting of Hayes residents association November 1925 (I believe C.E. Hopkins or Ellis)
The Junior Branch of the Primrose League (Tory- anti socialist) established Hayes April 1924 meeting in the new hall claiming 361 members in 1925

Hayes Liberal Association established March 1904
Harrow League of Young Liberals Mr S.V. Kirkpatrick Chairman
Uxbridge Esperanto group circa 1922 Frederick Bradbury 1 Ickenham close, Ruislip
Socialist Party of Great Britain local activist Joe Cohen 15, Eastholme, Hayes, West Middlesex in the early 1920’s