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The first London to Aldemaston march was held on the 31st March 1958

The Uxbridge Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was established at a meeting at St Andrew's Hall in May 1958.

The Uxbridge CND officer elected officers for 1958 being
Chairman: Rev K.J. M. Boggis
Secretary: R. Armstrong
Treasurer Mr Wakefield
Rev H. Booth, Mr Smith, Mr Stanford-Francis, Mr Cox, Mr Lockton, Mr Wells, Mrs Cooley, Mrs Stack, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Ellis (must be Peter Smith)


Mr Robin Fior, the Harefield student barrister, who has stood for Uxbridge Council on behalf of the Labour Party, was one of five students questioned by Scotland Yard men on Tuesday 20th May 1958, when leaflets headed "Official Secrets" were distributed at the House of Commons during the lobbying against the H-Bomb.

The leaflets were a reprint of an article which recently appeared in the Oxford University magazine "Isis" which is the subject of a prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.
MrRobin Fior, who was taken first to Cannon-row Police Station and then to Scotland Yard, said he was a member of the organising committee of the mass lobby.

Other members of the Ux
bridge nuclear disarmament campaign committee, were among the 3,000 people who lobbied against the H-bomb yesterday.

The Rev. K. J. M. Boggis chairman of the Uxbridge committee, was to have joined the group of Anglican clergy who paraded from St. Martin's in-the-Fields to the Cenotaph, but he arrived too late to Join the procession.

Middlesex Advertiser Friday 23rd May 1958

CND nationally had been established on 17th February 1958.


Mary Tyson was a Yorkshire women who moved to Hayes in 1948. Mary Tyson and her husband took part in the first Aldermaston march in 1958.

By 1961 Mrs Mary Tyson had established Hayes & Harlington CND in November 1961 (Mr Tyson was secretary of Hayes & Harlington CND

"The number of young people supporting the cause is gratifying"..."contrary to the public image, these are not a lot of long-haired beatniks looking for a way in which to make themselves conspicuous. They are young and hopeful that they can safeguard their future by bringing about the discontinuation of tests and ceasing of Britain to hold nuclear arms at all"

Hayes & Harlington CND meetings are held weekly at Townfiels School, Hayes

They send representatives to places all over the country to attend other demonstrations such as at Holy Loch (Scotland) earlier this year

Mary Tyson with Joyce Miller established a group for women called Hayes Women for Peace and Mrs Tyson was picked to attend as a delegate to the World Disarmament Congress in Moscow. The group even made a record at EMI with a message of friendship to a similar group in a Soviet town with which it is hoped to set up a link

It is hoped to get as many women in Hayes as possible to send a postcard to Mr MacMillan (Prime Minister) to arrive on the same morning.

Mrs Mary Tyson teaches part time at Hammersmith County Girls School, teaching fifteen and sixteen year olds, she has two sons of her own aged 14 and 10.

The little wife who stays at home glued to her sink is a popular Image, and although there are more and more women shading their aprons to take a vital and important part in social and national problems, there are not enough prepared to take on the responsibilities they should.

But Mrs. Tyson does not belong to this group, she is one of the rare women who have sincere and positive beliefs and acts upon them. She is prepared to travel as our representative and to act as an informal ambassador to other women fighting for their children's future. In the cause of world peace. There must be many in Hayes like me who wish her every success and are thankful for her leadership and initiative."

Hayes Chronicle 15th September 1962

Hayes & Harlington CND part of West Middlesex CND
organised march from the Grapes, Hayes to Ealing Green September 1962
Prof A.C. Offord

obin Fior, I believe this is the famous Harrow school educated designer, who designed CND posters, was a supporter of the Committee of 100 (split from CND) was involved in design work on the radical paper "Black Dwarf May 1968 and 1972 and later moved to Portugal (after the Revolution)