Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today is remembrance day, a day when we should honour those that fell in the Wars we must also honour those women and men who worked in the Munitions factories of Hayes in both World Wars.

We should also remember the Belgium ref
ugees who lived and worked in Hayes during WW1

Remember the death of L.W. Spencer, Leonald Spencer was founding Secretary of Uxbridge Independent Labour Party and one of the first Uxbridge Labour Councillors. (13 th Kensington Battalion Cyclist Orderly, killed 1st September 1915, he is buried at Longuenesse St Omer)

The local paper noted that "L.W. Spencer's, Regiment took major loses and he underwent terrible ordeal suffering from hunger, thirst, sleepless nights and seven months on constant bombardment, he slept with his motorcycle by his side doing his Christian socialist duty"

(Son of Mr. T. B. Spencer, of 66, Kidmore Rd., Caversham, Reading)

The Palmer Brothers from Hayes (sons of Hayes Labour Party founder and Councillor Henry Palmer) They died fighting in the Canadian Army.

William Alfred Palmer, Eastern Ontario Reg (Killed 26 th
April 1916 buried Woods Cemetery, Belgium).

Lieutenant Henry Arthur Palmer, Central Ontario Reg (killed 30th
September 1918 buried Cantimpre Canadian Cemetery, Nord France)

We should recall the words of Nurse Edith Cavell the night before her execution at 2am on 12th October, 1915
"Patriotism is not enough, I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone"